4 Employee Engagement Strategies to Improve Performance for 2022 | HR Cloud

The Impact of the Remote Workforce

The hybrid working arrangement is a thing of the future that was fast-forwarded to today. The advancement in technology will make this happen and the pandemic facilitated the implementation.

Recognizing Top Performers and Rewarding Whatever the Distance

Recognition of your top performers is a great tool in employee engagement. Employees would love to receive credit for their hard work and accomplishments. This token of appreciation will boost their morale and motivate them to work harder.

Embracing a Family-Friendly Work Environment

During pre-COVID, life at work and at the office was different. Only a few employees have the opportunity to work at home and it is on a strict schedule. The thin line separating work time and family time was crossed when you WFH.

Encouragement of Personal Productivity Rather than Routine

Productivity was usually measured by comparing company standards with an employee’s output and a team’s production, but COVID changed that. Businesses pivoted their services to WFH and productivity was measured on a personal basis rather than company routines.

  • Let them pick their own daily schedule, that’s their productive time.
  • Minimize meetings or calls which will distract them.
  • Set realistic deadlines.
  • Allow regular breaks to maintain focus.

Developing Internal Communication Strategy

Effective workplace communication is now more important than ever. As more businesses joined in long-term remote work, it becomes clear that corporate work conditions will not return to pre-pandemic norms.

Final Thoughts

Today, employees have to WFH and employers have to provide their needs to keep them happy and more involved. By developing an employee engagement strategy, employers can get the most from their employees.



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