5 Onboarding Checklist Templates for the Perfect Onboarding Experience

What is the onboarding experience? While many of us know (or think we know) a little about onboarding, chances are that we don’t always consider the entire onboarding process, especially from the new employee’s perspective.

Onboarding is actually the entire process related to bringing a newly hired employee into your organization, completing all of the required paperwork, but most importantly, creating a positive experience that will leave them highly engaged, motivated, and ready to hit the ground running on their very first day.

Onboarding is also commonly thought of as something “HR does in an hour or two” and that the entire experience starts and stops in HR’s office on the new hire’s first day. It’s important to point out that onboarding includes far more than a few forms. Ideally it should consist of full team introductions, early training on tools and systems, office tours, and handing off personal technology, badges, and anything else the employee will need.

The best onboarding experiences go well beyond such logistical issues though. The best examples make sure employees don’t have any questions, know exactly where to go if they do, and have an extremely clear understanding of exactly what they need to be successful.

In fact, when done well, onboarding can be a competitive advantage in terms of employee engagement, productivity, retention, and even operating costs. Consider the following research points:

Onboarding checklists and onboarding templates

Okay, so we all agree that onboarding is something we need to do and do well. To help, we created these three checklists for you. Use them as a template to develop your own, but even better, these templates can help you make sure you won’t miss any important steps. Every task will be completed on time and in a way to create meaningful experiences for new hires.

  • General: New hire onboarding checklist

General: New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Before they start

  1. Prepare paperwork, including tax forms, compliance documentation, basic details about the employee, and roles and responsibilities

On new hire’s first day

  1. Welcome him/her to the team

First 7–30 days

  1. Assign first project

Retail Onboarding Checklist

Before start date

  1. Record information

Start date

  1. Tour facilities

Longer term

  1. Schedule or promote one-on-one meetings

Restaurant and Hospitality Onboarding Checklist

Before the First Day

  1. Record new hire’s details

First week/month

  1. Evaluate performance closely

Field-based employee onboarding checklist

Before Day 1

  1. Confirm start date, location, contact details, and other information

Week one and beyond

  1. Give the opportunity for regular check ins to make sure employees are getting up to speed

Remote employee and virtual employee onboarding checklist

Tips in the recruiting phase

  1. Make sure any recruiting messages clearly communicate the role and responsibilities

Onboarding remote or virtual employees

  1. Carefully create an offer letter than includes all details

Day one:

  1. Prepare paperwork, such as tax forms, legal forms, the job offer, job description, and more


  1. Engage employees!

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Onboarding that works for everyone

We hope these checklists help give you a starting point to create the ideal onboarding experience for your company. Even better, our Onboarding solution lets you create custom onboarding tasks, workflows, or processes, so no matter what experience you’re trying to create, we’re ready to help.Originally published at https://www.hrcloud.com.



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