6 Diversity Recruiting Mistakes HR Teams Got to Stop Committing | HR Cloud

1. Relying solely on data and policy

Most organizations rely on ineffective metrics for measuring diversity that gives shape to their recruiting decisions. Some companies focus only on announcing a policy change to diversify the workforce without any tangible actions to reach that goal.

  • Which department is the most diversified in the company?
  • Which teams can benefit from diverse talents?
  • How will a new recruit help in enhancing a team’s productivity?

2. Focusing excessively on race and gender

Many HR leaders and CXOs’ fixation with the concept has led them to believe that diversity is just about race and gender.

  • Educational background: This refers to a candidate’s degree and the institutions they studied in. Diverse teams include individuals with all types of academic experiences-formal and informal, home tutoring, and online schooling.
  • Religious beliefs: This refers to a candidate’s religious affiliations. A diverse workforce should comprise employees from multiple religions differing in their beliefs and traditions.

3. Finding candidates from HBCUs

In the name of diversity, many recruiters turn to historically Black colleges and universities, like Howard. This approach reduces the scope of your diversity recruiting strategy to the Black minorities and limits your talent pool as well.

4. Overlooking diversity training of recruitment team

One of the essential elements of a successful diversity recruiting strategy is training every member of the recruitment board, especially the hiring managers.

5. Not making employer branding efforts

Fact: 67% of job seekers focus on the diversity highlighted in any job posting.

6. Reflecting unconscious bias in a job posting

The way you phrase a job posting plays a pivotal role in your diversity recruiting efforts. The content and language of these posts can reflect your recruiters’ unconscious bias in many ways.


Research has proven that inclusive and diverse teams are 1.7 times more innovative than usual. So, if you’re motivated to diversify your workforce and boost your team’s productivity, it’s never too late. Start by building a strong diversity recruiting strategy to give your hiring team a direction.



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