6 Tips for Managing Remote Employees in a Modern Enterprise

1. Communication is Key When Managing Remote Employees

Actually Talk to Your Coworkers, Even When You’re Remote

Feel Like You’re Working Together, Despite Being Apart

2. Foster Employee Relationships

Revisiting Handy Tools for Managing Remote Employees

3. Recognize Employee Achievements

4. Plan and Systemize EVERYTHING

Steps You Can Take With Your Team When Managing Remote Employees

  • Use instructional videos to help each member understand how things should be done. Make these videos a part of your onboarding.
  • Start on a smaller scale by determining what is to be accomplished each week-each day, even-and create a strategy around how you’re going to get through it all. As early on in each project as possible, delegate tasks to the appropriate team members so everyone has their assignments and there are no impediments.
  • Meet DAILY. That’s right. Daily check-ins that serve as an opportunity to get questions answered and give progress updates make for less time spent solving problems later in the day.

5. Onboard Distributed Workers Like a Pro

6. When Managing Remote Employees, Track Their Time

Time Tracking While They Work

Tracking Paid Time Off

Taking What You Learned and Applying it to Your Own Team



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