The HR Guide to Employee Data Protection

The HR Guide to Employee Data Protection

GDPR: An overview of HR

What HR needs to do to comply with employee Data Protection

  • Recognize and prevent cybersecurity attacks. This means choosing the right cloud services that have data protection as a priority.
  • Update and review privacy policies for all staff
  • Always document the reason for the need to process personal information.
  • Making sure employees understand their rights, particularly their right to access, rectify, and erase their own data if they wish
  • Make sure that the only people that have access to personal information are the ones who require it.
  • Adhere to timely document deletion. A company can only hold onto its data for a predetermined amount of time, especially if it is not necessary for business practices.
  • Consider whether the company’s employee monitoring is acceptable/necessary (such as email monitoring and CCTV)

Common misconceptions of Data Protection




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