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4 min readJun 8, 2020

Your company has been trying to fill a critical position for a while now… After interviewing countless candidates, you’ve finally found the right person. Now you just need to onboard them, show them the ropes, have them fill out the necessary paperwork, etc.

For most companies, this process of filling out forms is paper-based and tedious. It takes too long, there’s no efficient way to report on or recall data at a later date, and ensuring compliance to prevent costly civil penalties is a pain…

How much time and money is wasted every day collecting info on paper based forms? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that would make the life of an HR administrator easier?

Now there is!

Do more with your Data

Form Builder is an essential tool for any HR process, allowing you to turn new hire paperwork into fillable and controllable digital documents — all in just a few clicks.

Once the forms are created, your new hires can fill them out in a self-service portal that includes both security and permission measures and prevents them from missing or completing specific fields.

By taking a paper-based form and turning it into a simple and intuitive cloud-based form, Form Builder allows new hires to get up to speed quickly and HR admins to easily find data and create custom reports for any and all employees.

Limitless Possibilities

Form Builder gives you complete control when creating the perfect forms to onboard new employees.

To make things as easy as possible and get you started on the right track, we’ve created templates of the most popular forms that you can use and customize specifically for your business. You’ll find pre-built forms like the I-9, W-4, direct deposit, or parking form that are ready to use and accessible in our form library.

What about compliance or government specific forms? Form Builder can handle those too. Just upload the form and Form Builder will create a digital and fillable version and transform your entire hiring process.

Form Builder also gives you the ability to build completely custom forms from scratch in a matter of seconds. Use our simple drag and drop feature to create beautiful, mobile responsive forms with custom fields to get the exact info you require.

And since everything inside HR Cloud is connected, Form Builder will even auto populate your forms with employee information once it’s been assigned to a specific team member, saving HR Admins valuable time each and every week.

Finally, when a new custom form has been created, it’s stored in HR Cloud’s system and can be used to onboard each and every future employee via Checklists; a unique feature that allows HR admins to assign specific tasks (forms to fill out, information to submit, etc.) to certain employees and track their progress.

Not only that, but specific Checklists can also be created for each department within a company or for certain offices and locations only. This ensures your company stays organized and efficient when hiring new talent.

Checklists are configurable to any onboarding process and can be automated, ensuring all new hire paperwork is sent at the right time and completed correctly before your new employee’s first day.

As Good As It Gets

At HR Cloud, we are continually working to build solutions your company can use to improve organizations and operations.

Form Builder is an amazing tool and the only software available that gives you this amount of control, flexibility and ease of use when it comes to the handling of new employee paperwork.

For more information on how to use HR Cloud to create custom forms and establish an automated off-boarding process, contact us.

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