Ways You Can Hook in New Hires with Your Company Culture

The competition for jobs nowadays becomes tighter and tighter year after year, with more and more graduates joining the workforce. But, the difficulty is not just experienced by the applicants. Hiring companies also sometimes encounter some problems in finding the right people for the job and keeping excellent talents in their roster. This is why it’s important for organizations to inculcate the value of company culture from the get go. Every time new hires are onboarded, they should be made familiar with how everything works in your business and how their role is crucial in your organization. Here are some ways for you to hook in new hires with your company culture.

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1. Build your organization’s image and reputation.

One of the most important things a business should work on is building a positive reputation as a business. This helps you invite high quality and motivated talents who will be willing to stay with your company and learn about your organization’s culture. Nowadays, building an online presence can be very helpful for businesses, especially since more and more people are relying on the internet to learn about various things, including companies to whom they can work for. Make the most of your online marketing efforts and get your name out there so that aspiring applicants will know what to expect as soon as they become a part of your organization.

2. Highlight employee stories.

People love success stories. If you have employees who have been in the company for years and worked their way up towards success in your company, and if you think they can inspire your current and future employees, then you might want to grab this opportunity to share their success with the whole organization, especially with your new hires.

3. Set up meetings with their future teams in a less formal setting.

A great way to welcome new hires and help them embrace your company culture is by scheduling their first team meetings in a positive and memorable way. Some companies set up lunch meetings, pizza parties or small welcome parties for new hires. You can come up with your own method of welcoming your new team members in a less formal manner, so that they will feel more welcome and at ease with their new workmates and their new environment.

4. Let them feel that they are a valuable addition to the company.

Another way to give your new hires a positive welcome is by making them feel that they are important to the company. They should know the importance of the position they are filling up and why it’s important that they embrace the work and the culture of the company. Making them feel valued can improve their morale and encourage them to adopt your company’s culture.

5. Challenge them to be a productive part of the team.

To help motivate your new hires to be more productive and more open to a new culture, it will help if you challenge them. Encourage them to be more focused on work and help build a positive work environment for everyone. Setting up their work attitude as soon as their first day at work is a great way to help them understand they are now a part of the company and that they are expected to adopt the work culture that you have.

6. Make your benefits and work environment worth their while.

Another important thing that you should prioritize if you want your new hires to be more receptive towards your company culture is by providing them with work benefits and an environment that is suitable for the work they have to accomplish. This includes their work tools, co-workers, work space, health care, compensation, rewards, recognition, and more.

7. Encourage new hires to ask questions.

You should also remind and encourage your new hires to ask questions. It’s important that you make sure the new members of your team are aware of everything that they should know as soon as they become a part of your team. This way, they become more familiar with your company and with all of your processes. Asking questions will help them learn more, absorb information better, and get clarifications on things that might not be clear for them. A good way to approach this is by assigning a point person your new hires can ask questions from. Encouraging them to be inquisitive and to know when and how to ask the right questions will also help you avoid any costly mistakes that may hurt your organization and your reputation.

8. Invest in Your Employees

One of the best investments that you can make for your business is your manpower. To make the most of the talents that you have in your roster, you should provide them with as much knowledge and resources that you provide to help them become effective and productive members of your organization. Provide them with training and quality work tools, and to motivate them to do their work well, see to it that you reward them for their productivity and for doing high quality work.

Bottom Line

Hiring new people into your organization is a great way to replenish your manpower anytime someone leaves. Whether you are hiring an experienced worker or a fresh college graduate looking for work at a job fair , it’s important to make sure that you have the right people doing quality work to help your organization grow. Getting new hires fully acquainted with your company culture can sometimes be very challenging, but with the right approach and strategies, you can win your employee’s loyalty and dedication to your organization’s goals.

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is a modern and powerful cloud-based HRMS solution with a complete suite of HR functionality, including core, Engagement, onboarding, recruitment and Time Off

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